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If joining a GP Federation doesn't appeal or similarly you would just like to make running your Practice more economical then consider a Super Practice (a merger of several practices into one, amalgamating running costs but not compromising patient care).  Super Practices' can also go on to join a GP Federation as well.  

A Super Practice involves a formal merger of the partnerships, to benefit from economies of scale but.often retaining some of the benefits of working as an individual Practice.  

The process we have used with our customers is to work from an initial exploratory meeting, working through to agreeing the principles of developing the Super Practice.  Ensuring all legal requirements are adressed as well as setting up a well advised and fully functioning mangement team to run the Practice.  

As you might expect there is no one size approach that will fit every circumstance, which is why we take the time to develop your own individual approach.  

In forming a Super Practice you need to start to think in a radically different way, which allows all practices to re-think their current delivery model as they come together.  


Developing new ways of working to meet the challenges that are here and now. This is not about merging Practices to then have them all deliver exactly as they are now.


This process is designed to create efficiencies both for the Practices and the Patients.  

Fore warned is fore armed!


Income will be the elephant in the room, and it needs to be addressed.  


Ignoring it will not make it go away. Our advice is to get your accountants involved early in the process and start to explore a range of scenarios over an agreed period of time to get to parity.  Without that as a principle it is hard to see how you progress.  

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