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Pathway and Service Redesign

All business cases are available to those interested in developing these services.

Pathway Redesign (Jan18) Prevention Led Seamless and Integrated Care Chart

We have facilitated many workshops and supported organisations in redesign, both structure and services.  This experience has enabled us to develop a replicable process, which ensures health economy wide engagement and buy-in to the work before it commences, guaranteeing implementation on completion.


The process we used is underpinned by a sustainable change programme and model of engagement and collaboration, which is founded on principles of the engagement and inclusivity of all stakeholders involved in the delivery of care. It provides a platform for any GP federation, Super Practice, General Practice, CCG, Hospital or Foundation Trust, Multispecialty Community Providers (MCP), which also includes the Primary Care Home (, Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS), Accountable Care Systems (ACS) and Accountable Care Organisations (ACO) to achieve high quality care, delivered consistently across all providers.


Working within our process you will understand how to move from being sickness led and working in silos, to working on a prevention led model that fully integrates care.

You will quickly understand how to deliver successful pathway redesign, including the contracting routes available to have the new pathway provided (including subcontracting using the contract models available for that), and to ensure the pathway is implemented in full.


As you would expect, we do not offer a one size fits all approach. Our redesign process allows you to provide services that differ in scale and operational delivery. We will work with you to ensure complete population coverage and if required our work will enable you to have consultants delivering care in different locations.


Our process supports you to redesign the workforce, while enhancing skills, redesigning the work and ensuring the delivery of one high quality and standardised approach without unwarranted variation.


Our redesign examples commissioned by CCGs or on subcontract from the Hospital/Foundation Trust include first the transfer from in to out of hospital and then the transformation in provision:

1.Holter ECG

2.12 Lead ECG

3.24 Hour ABPM

4.Extended Access - seven-day opening


6.Community Gynaecology (Uro-gynaecology, Endometrial Pipelle Biopsy, Ring Pessaries, Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB) and Removal of Polyps)

7.Neurology - Migraine

8.Atrial Fibrillation, screening, diagnosis and treatment

9.Anticoagulation - including Remote Monitoring


11.Osteoporosis - Denosumab injections

12.Rheumatology - shared care

13.Prostate cancer - shared care

14.Urology; PSA monitoring, blocked catheters, infections

15.Front door to A&E





19.Medicines Management

20.Gain Share

21.Childhood flu




25.Frail Elderly

26.Well Man Services

27.Community IV (including cellulitis and other conditions)

28.Ambulatory conditions


30.Diabetes; target to reduce new to follow up ratio, including insulin initiation and titration

31.Orthopaedics; hip and knee scores

32.Ophthalmology; glaucoma, cataracts, touch tonometer's