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Partnering with the NHS

For the Pharmaceutical Industry to be viewed as a partner, you need to understand the current NHS agenda with the evolution of New Models of Care and the morphing of STPs in to Integrated Care.


Whether it's hubs of 30k-50k (e.g. Primary Care Home - PCH), MCP, PACS or Integrated Care Systems (ICS), I can explain the differences and demonstrate how you can engage with the right client base using only six questions.









I will teach you the techniques I use for my own work. I will also provide three unique strategies to accelerate your access and your sales. We have many successful examples; models that effectively support the NHS to transform clinical vision into reality, e.g. creating more cost-effective treatment pathways, delivering significant efficiency, supporting seven day opening and working across key health economy partners.


Our process ensures a unique approach for each Pharmaceutical Company, one that best reflects your own circumstances, ways of working and relationships; there is no one size that will fit every need, hence we support you to turn your vision into reality;¬ this is where our proven methods are ideal.


I have many examples from my own work directly with the NHS that demonstrate with the right client group you can achieve remarkable outcomes, with one high quality and standardised approach, without unwarranted variation, working within hub and spoke models. All will be shared as examples throughout my contract with you.


The examples offer significant efficiency, something we know is readily available in transferring and transforming services from in to out of hospital and redesigning pathways of care. I also have projects where we have optimised medicines rather than focused simply on the lowest drug acquisition cost.


My support for you will allow you direct access to those within my client base willing to engage in new ways of working and the implementation of New Models of Care, while opening new opportunities with your sales force.


I am confident I can work with any pharmaceutical company to create a tailored programme that supports you to remain at the forefront of supporting and working the NHS. This allows you to be viewed as a partner in implementing the current NHS agenda, which will see the evolution of New Models of Care and the implementation of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships.










I will teach you the techniques I use and how to do what I do.

I will also provide three unique strategies to accelerate your access and your sales....

If you would welcome a unique and different insight in to the working of the new NHS, or simply want to discuss further how I can support you turn the vision in to reality, if require more information, or want to design and unique workshop, please contact Frances on 0845 388 0302