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Outcomes for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The following are a small sample of the outcomes from work with the pharmaceutical industry. In each example, I have been asked by my NHS client base to find the right projects for them to engage with, resulting in the following outcomes.

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•The first comes from one of my federation clients where they included two of the company products in their gain share with the CCG. The GP federation negotiated and then implemented a project across 16 Member Practices to standardise treatment, resulting in a significant increase in sales


second example

opened three new clients,

who previously wouldn’t engage down in Devon and Cornwall. The pharma teams are currently targeting all three for projects and has opened three excellent revenue opportunities by following the process

provided across the


•The third example comes from working with Wiltshire. This has this company working with a new Super Practice, where with being Dispensing Doctors the company is working with them to implement cost savings and improved patient outcomes. This has the potential to double sales revenue in the area just in this Super Practice

The fourth example comes from a team who followed our pathway process closely resulting in two significant new opportunities


The first is an STP opportunity covering 7 CCGs and about £2m in total prescribing revenue. This is both a defensive tactic and a positive drive to secure new business. After being engaged, the team quickly realised there is a significant decommissioning opportunity here as well and are using that as part of their approach


In one of the Integrated Care System pilots, this company opened two new opportunities that bring potential new revenues in excess of £1,000,000



The fifth example comes in diabetes where the GP federation is implementing a programme to take on the diabetes insulin initiation and titration. The company involved here is working alongside the Practices to train, develop and accredit those involved. This ensures, one high quality and standardised approach without unwarranted variation

•The sixth is an example of working with hard to

reach patients, where the patient cohort has a diagnosis of psychosis. These patients sometimes slip through the net of being followed up, but not in this project where regular audits are run and ongoing checks are made to ensure improved outcomes, with the bigger outcome of reduced hospital attendance and admission 

•The seventh example has seen the introduction of a project to screen patients for arrhythmias, before going on to confirm diagnosis on a 12 lead or Holter ECG, before initiating anticoagulation. This project is having a significant impact on stroke reduction

There are many more examples; however, I continue to look for great projects and continue to offer training and development for the industry in how to unearth these opportunities without my input.