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New Models of Care

The client base for the pharmaceutical industry is changing. The NHS is moving towards New Models of Care, including all forms of Integrated Care, where a provider, or group of providers, take responsibility for the health needs of its entire population.


It is essential the pharmaceutical industry understand and gets to grips quickly with this positive shift towards New Models of Care, for the provision of services, at scale. That provision will be through Accountable Care Organisations (ACO), where a consultation is being undertaken), Integrated Care (formerly, Accountable Care System - ACS and Accountable Care Partnership - ACP), Multispecialty Community Providers (MCP), which also includes the Primary Care Home ,                                                                             and Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS).


Inside of the development of the New Models of Care and alongside the implementation of STPs, lies the ongoing opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry; however, to access it will mean a shift in the way people work, from engaging a specific client base to targeting the providers making up the Integrated Care/PACS/MCP across the whole health economy.

To do this well requires and understanding of;


1.What impact an annual, capitated budget to deliver contractually agreed health outcomes will have for your company?


2.Whether the greater integration of healthcare providers create a positive environment for your products and services? ACOs will operate in a more integrated manner than healthcare models that pay per procedure. Where do you fit in?


3.What opportunity does an alliance of providers that collaborate to meet the needs of a defined population mean for you? Where do you fit in their pathways of care and subcontracts?


4.How might you engage with this new client base; what are they looking for, how might you best identify and approach them and where are your opportunities?

If you want to understand what opportunities the Integrated Care Models may provide you or are looking for answers to the questions, our tailored training packages for the Pharmaceutical Industry are likely to be of interest.



In 2017, we worked with two companies throughout the year on pathway and coaching projects to deliver remarkable client and product outcomes. If you want to know more, about any aspect of our work and support for the pharmaceutical industry please make contact.