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Are you developing a New Model of Care? What have you done to engage General Practice?

Getting Started

We utilise our 20+ years of experience we have to ensure that your organisation can not only be a top performer but also cost effectively accesses the latest tecnologies and treatments.

Whether a Multispecialty Community Providers (MCP), which also includes the Primary Care Home (, Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS), Accountable Care Systems (ACS) and Accountable Care Organisations (ACO), it is essential that General Practice takes the time to explore its future model and how locally you want to work "at scale", which is a requirement within all the aforementioned New Models of Care.


Our recommended approach to developing your New Model of Care is to start with General Practice, before any decisions have been made. That way you are genuinely engaging them, rather than consulting them on decisions someone else has made on their behalf.


If you are leading the development of New Models of Care, we recommend you stop and take time to ask six questions of General Practice. On answering those six questions you can then offer up a guarantee that you will include their input and feedback to develop the vision. You may also want to ask them to go away and take time to think about what's on their wish list?


To deliver this work we operate a straightforward process, which is not complex, but it delivers remarkable outcomes from three workshops:

Workshop 1

Winning Hearts and Minds



Workshop 2

Developing the Vision


Workshop 3


Between the main workshops, we hold mini workshops, to ensure that those not able to participate in the main workshops have an opportunity for input; these would usually be a two-hour session, and the outputs of the mini workshops are fed into the start of the next workshop.


Ultimately, by taking this approach and developing vision and change in the way we describe, you will get the outcomes you want, need and have agreed.


For General Practice to respond to the challenges it currently faces, both immediate and future, it is likely to require rethinking the delivery model. Where appropriate that is likely to lead to the development of new models of General Practice, which is why if they are to be at the heart of all New Models of Care, this is the place to start your engagement process.