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Are you able to access the NHS with ease?  


Is this access of prime importance to your product range?


Or is the access you do have not gaining the results you require?  


Frustrated representatives – static or diminishing sales – static or falling product recognition: are any of these applicable to your sales and marketing teams?


Over the past 15 years the NHS landscape has changed and faced many challenges, culminating in today being the most challenging of all periods.  Time and finances are at a premium.  Regulation is stricter than it has ever been.  Pharmaceutical companies who have historically worked in partnership with the NHS are more frequently experiencing greater difficulty in accessing their main marketplace.  Often the access that is achieved does not bring the results required.  


What if there was a solution? 

With a combined experience of working in NHS provider, commissioner and

developer roles and within pharmaceuticals the team at Scott McKenzie UK Ltd have

brought together a programme that offers an education in resolving access and sales issues.  

Having recognised how important Pharmaceutical companies are to the future of the NHS, both as a

support or a valued partner, we will teach your teams how to dramatically improve market access and sales

The programme has been developed with the involvement and input from leaders, providers and commissioners within the NHS, alongside 20 years’ experience of working with pharmaceutical companies to increase access.  We will educate your teams in how best to gain access and ensure that the right product reaches the right patient at the right time, leaving a lasting legacy that can be used by your sales and marketing teams again and again in the future.  .

The workshops are designed to provide a complete understanding of:


• General Practice at Scale Provider Models


• Commissioning, including Strategic         Transformation Plans (STPs)


• Payment by Results, including patient-level   costing (PLICS)


• Market access


• Pathway and service redesign


• Developing value added projects

The programme involves comprehensive training on developing:


• The correct projects and pathways which position and then utilise your products


• How to get to the right person at the right time


• How to deliver the messages in a way they will be heard

The work culminates with participants developing value added projects and then pitching to a “Dragons Den” style panel. The goal of the pitch is that these projects will be selected and successfully delivered by the organisations our “Dragons” represent (our NHS consultancy clients who have agreed to implement the right projects).


The programme is strictly limited to one pharmaceutical company in a given product area within a twelve-month period, ensuring exclusivity within that market place.


Additionally, there will be limited programme availability with a maximum of two companies worked with in a twelve-month period, again designed to protect the exclusivity of the access to this programme



Our combined expertise and experience will support you to deliver your vision and outcomes using a model of engagement that will ensure you have a sustainable and resilient organisation going forward, able to meet not just current challenges, but future challenges as well.