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I will plan on presenting for 80 - 90 minutes allowing 30 - 40 minutes for questions and answers.


I am confident I can provide a remarkable session with take homes messages and actions for your teams. It will all be practical application that can start the day they get back on patch.


New Models of Care provide a completely new client base for you, working with them as providers and vitally now only needing one decision from the board, which acts on their behalf, to effect changes across the model.


This makes developing and implementing projects much easier to achieve; indeed, the workshop shares some good examples of what has already been achieved, and a number with joint working and medical educations good and services initiatives with the pharmaceutical industry ­ we are though looking for more.


Our process ensures a unique approach for each Pharmaceutical Company, one that best reflects your own circumstances, ways of working and relationships; there is no one size that will fit every need, hence we support you to turn your vision into reality ­ this is where our proven methods are ideal.


We have a very small number of days available for this session.




Integrated Care - Introductory Meeting

Getting Started

The client base for the pharmaceutical industry is changing. The NHS is moving towards New Models of Care, including all forms of Integrated Care (formerly Accountable Care), where a provider, or group of providers, take responsibility for the health needs of its entire population.


It is essential the pharmaceutical industry understand and gets to grips quickly with this positive shift towards New Models of Care, for the provision of services, at scale. That provision will be through Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and Integrated Care Partnerships (ICP), Multispecialty Community Providers (MCP), which also includes the Primary Care Home (, and Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS). The debate is ongoing over Accountable Care Organisations (ACO).

With 120 minutes my approach is:


•An overview of what’s happening in the devolved nations, covering at scale working for General Practice, the makeup of the different systems and where there may be opportunities for the teams to explore


•A more detailed look at England and the evolving NHS from STP to Integrated Care Systems


•What’s happening now and why is it happening


•Why this creates a new customer base that’s far more likely to be engaged with you


 oI will provide a sample customer list and why they make the list



•What is a GP Federation, what is a Super Practice and what are the differences and how do they operate


•How you find out about a GP federation via Companies House and your own research


oThe six questions you might use and why



•How you might then engage them, where the opportunities are and how you use these

Pharmaceutical companies who have historically worked in partnership with the NHS are more frequently experiencing greater difficulty in accessing their main marketplace.  Often the access that is achieved does not bring the results required.


Within Scott McKenzie UK we already have a number of successful live examples working with new Models of Care. Our work supports the NHS to transform clinical vision into reality, for example creating more cost effective treatment pathways, delivering significant efficiency for the practices, supporting 7-day opening, shifting work from in to our of hospital care and working with other key health economy stakeholders.


Many of these projects are worked via the newly formed GP Federations, Super Practices and Hubs of 30,000 to 50,000 patients. Some are on subcontract from the local Hospital/Foundation Trust and some are in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry.


To bring your teams up to date, we have developed an introductory session over 2 hours, which provides an understanding of the changes happening now in the NHS, how you can interact with them and the outcomes you can anticipate.

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