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Launch Meeting


The launch meeting is focused on securing commitment to the development of the federation.  At this meeting, we spend time presenting the outcomes from the workshops to the practices, before giving them time (usually two or three weeks) to decide on whether they wish to join. Within that time, they may also come back with any further questions to help them decide.


As part of that process we also ask people to come forward and stand for election to the Board of Directors.


On deadline day those who wish to become shareholders then elect the Board. At its first meeting, the newly formed Board then appoints the legal team to incorporate the company and get the federation fully up and running.



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Federation Board Development Workshops

Federation Development Workshops


If you are still considering your options around developing a federation, we would be delighted to speak with you.


While some dismiss the need for a GP Federation, our sense is that's a potential missed opportunity. A GP Federation offers scale to General Practice and provides one voice for General Practice across a whole Health Economy.  This makes the evolving New Models of Care and Accountable Care easier to develop, as every model is predicated on General Practice operated "at scale". Hubs of 30,000 to 50,000, then overarched by a GP Federation therefore looks an excellent model.


If you want to know more, our first meeting is a free of charge exploration with practices who are interested in knowing more about what federating would mean for them. This is an evening meeting starting about 18.30 and finishing by 20.00 at the latest.


Within that meeting, we explore all the issues and options, while also taking time to have a lengthy open questions and answer session.


If there remains a desire to take forward the idea and start to explore what a federation would look like locally in more detail we will use two workshops and a launch meeting to engage and inform the practices.


The next steps are detailed here in the agendas for the two workshops, which will enable the practices to develop the principles and governance frameworks for the company.  These workshops have been put together in collaboration with legal experts, which means that the outputs save both time and expense in respect of the legalities of company formation.


Once developed, the company principles and governance frameworks are ready to be passed to lawyers who will then incorporate the company.  We can give you recommendations of firms who will be able to assist you with this if you need us to.

Workshop 1


The focus of workshop 1 is to go through many questions and test scenarios with you, to reach agreement within the working group on the best way forward for your federation.  


In workshop 1 we will detail:


  • Terminology


  • General information about the company


  • Shares


  • NHS Pensions Authority


  • Funding


  • Rules for Practices


  • Directors


  • Decision Making


  • Essential information


At the end of this workshop I will produce the first draft of the company prinicples for the working group.  these will be reviewed at the start of workshop 2 before being finalised and ready for sharing with the practices


Workshop 2


Workshop 2 builds upon the outputs from workshop 1 and therefore, as much as possible, it is best if we can get the same people to both workshops.  This will save time by preventing the need to revisit decisions made in workshop 1 if new people join and want to query the first workshop's outputs.  


  • Review workshop 1


  • Finalise the principles documentation


  • Communications and engagement for launch meeting


  • Launch meeting development


By the close of workshop 2 the company principles will be finalised and you will have a launch meeting fully developed and ready for the practices that you wish to engage, along with agreed timescales from launch to first board meeting.