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Federation Review Workshop

What does it take to become a successful federation, and when you start, how do you make sure you set off on the right trajectory?


Whether newly set up or long established, if your federation hasn’t yet fully realised the benefits of federated working, the Federation Review Workshop has been designed specifically with this in mind.


By the close of the workshop you will have clarity over the steps you need to take immediately, in order to start making progress.  Furthermore you will also know what you need to do to plan ahead and develop subcontract arrangements from Secondary Care.


I will share our proven methods through a series of questions and scenarios in order to demonstrate what has, and is, being achieved elsewhere including the breakthroughs with CCGs, Hospitals, Community Services and the other health economy partners.


Federation Review Workshop Agenda

At the end of this workshop you will have a number of project ideas that you can finalise and implement. Furthermore, you will also have a number of ideas you can work on and develop in conjunction with the CCG and/or Foundation or Hospital Trust, and a clear pathway forwards to achieve the full benefits of federated working.


This work is also included in the package of support we offer to the federations we support from initial exploratory meeting through to formation.

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