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Federation Board Development Workshops



It is very likely that other work will also be generated from this process; however, you now need to get the federation fully up, running and generating income.  In our work we will demonstrate what others have done to help reduce the expenses and increase income in support of the practices

For the last 4 years our company focus has been upon supporting General Practice to come together and form at scale provider companies.  Whilst some of these involve merging a number of Practices into one business, the most common company arrangement that we work with Practices to develop are GP federations, where groups of Practices come together under an umbrella company, whilst remaining as separate businesses.


We have a number of very strong examples to share; models that effectively support Practices to transform clinical vision into reality, for example creating more cost effective treatment pathways delivering significant efficiency for the practices, supporting 7 day opening and working with other key health economy stakeholders under subcontract arrangements.


Our process ensures a unique approach for you locally, one that best reflects your own circumstances, ways of working and relationships; there is no one size that will fit every need, hence we support you to turn you local vision into reality – this is where our proven methods are ideal.


Whether a new or established Federation (please see our recommendations for establishing a Federation if you don’t already have one in place) we will help you quickly move to a fully functioning company, generating income for member practices.


We achieve this with you through four ½ day workshops, which can be further tailored to meet your specific needs.


Workshop 1. Setting the Ground Rules Workshop 2. Developing the Vision Workshop 3. Governance Workshop 4. Organisation Development/ Business Plan